ACPHS Francis J. O ' brien建筑
ACPHS战略计划是在学生们的投入下,经过一年的努力而制定的, 教师, 和工作人员. 在包括市政厅论坛在内的一系列平台上征求反馈意见, 在线调查, 并将全校范围内的博览会组织成最终的方案.

该战略计划从两个方面保障了学院的未来. 首先,它定义了我们是谁. 我们的使命宣言、核心价值观和愿景原则为我们提供了一个身份. 这种身份为我们提供了一套“护栏”,并为我们应该把我们的机构精力集中在哪里提供了指导.

第二个, 该计划确保我们将通过促进以学生为中心的环境,为学生提供最好的体验, 社会, 和智力上.

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  • 学生为中心 - Mutual respect; positive and engaging interactions; efficient student services; quality mentoring and advising; access to 教师 和工作人员; holistic co-curricular activities; support services for personal and academic growth; first-class living and learning environment; career placement services; life-long connections and relationships
  • 完整性 - Honesty; trust; principles; accountability; responsibility; doing the right thing even when no one is looking; applies to on- and off-campus activities; we are all representatives of the college; always behaving in a way that reflects positively on yourself and the institution
  • 尊重 - Recognition; provide environment with open channels for feedback; professional courtesy; demonstrating an appropriate level of behavior; exhibiting care, 关注, 以及为他人着想
  • 协作 - Removing silos; institutional goals come first; openness; working harmoniously to strengthen and advance the college; incorporate a student focus; placing the institution first; trust; encouraging teamwork
  • 社区 - Sense of belonging and purpose; inclusivity; shared sense of purpose; alignment; acceptance; sense of pride; affinity; identity; family; close-knit; spirit; care; compassion; empathy