Learn how to prevent future disease outbreaks before they become epidemics as a public health major at ACPHS.


The Bachelor of Science in 公共卫生 at ACPHS combines health sciences and social justice to help graduates tackle today’s toughest health issues.  

你将学习生物学, 遗传学, 以社区为基础的研究, data analysis and interpersonal 沟通 as you learn to work with diverse populations. You’ll also gain a strong understanding of the healthcare system while learning how to use preventative measures to improve health outcomes. 

Take part in service-learning experiences and public health internships. 工作或志愿者在我们的 合作实验室 to help reduce health disparities in underserved communities. Benefit from small classes and close connections to faculty who are leading researchers as well as accessible and dedicated mentors.

The public health major at ACPHS offers each student the ability to specialize in their area of interest with over 30 credit hours of electives and “selectives,” classes outside the standard curriculum that allow students to create a customized, 独立的经验. Our program director and advisors will work closely with you to tailor a curriculum that matches your interests and career goals.

The public health major at ACPHS is fully accredited by the 公共卫生教育委员会. 截至2022年, every graduate was either employed or accepted to an advanced degree program within a few months of receiving their degree.

A faculty member presents to a group of students displaying a public health map on screen
Public health serves as a connection between the medical breakthroughs that save lives and the tools that bring those breakthroughs to the people who need them. 通过学习这些联系是如何运作的, public health majors ensure more people live longer, 更健康、更有成效的生活.

Public health workers use their knowledge of research methods, 社区参与, and the latest scientific studies to improve the lives of people from all walks of life. Organizations as varied as state health departments, 医疗中心, 政治办事处, and nonprofits rely on people trained in public health to reduce the usage of our healthcare system and to ensure equity in impact of our healthcare programs.
Hands-On Learning in the 公共卫生 Major

Get real-world experiences and prepare to hit the ground running in public health careers.

在ACPHS, you’ll have opportunities to participate in public health internships that connect you with potential colleagues and employers, working in the political and medical hub of Albany, 纽约. Recent internship sites include Capital City Rescue Mission, 哥伦比亚县卫生局, 纽约州参议院和议会, 纽约公共卫生协会, 南端儿童咖啡馆, and Radix Ecological and Sustainability Center.

Volunteer and service opportunities give you the chance to learn while expanding access to health care in the greater Albany community. 例如在大流行期间, public health majors working in our 合作实验室 helped to provide COVID-19 testing and tracking and worked alongside pharmacy students to vaccinate our community.

Two students consult patient during rotation program
From entry-level public health jobs to healthcare leadership positions, earning your bachelor’s in public health will open a wide variety of career paths. Our graduates are advancing health care and impacting patient outcomes while employed at organizations including the 纽约 State Department of Health, 纽约州参议院, 以及纽约家庭护理协会.

Now is a great time to earn your degree and pursue public health jobs: employment of health educators and community health workers is projected to grow 17% over the next decade, more than twice the average rate of growth for all occupations.

Your public health degree can also jumpstart a longer academic career by preparing you for an advanced degree. ACPHS public health majors have gone on to become doctors, nurses and pharmacists; earn a master's degree in business, 沟通, or public health; or enter doctoral programs in health sciences and 沟通.
科学基础和社会参与, the public health major at ACPHS provides a well-rounded, 个性化、实践性教育. 

作为顶尖的公共卫生学院, ACPHS provides the skills critical to success in the field, 包括跨文化能力, research practices and a deep understanding of the health care system. Our program also covers the basic sciences and the core public health principles of social justice, 预防, 以及项目实施.  

教师 bring their real-life experiences into the classroom in innovative ways. Some create role-playing lessons that mimic health emergencies to build teamwork skills. Others teach local history and mapmaking skills that add a 纽约 flavor to the undergraduate curriculum. The program culminates with a capstone experience which can be research-focused or completed as a public health internship.